What is Understanding Power?

True power if often hidden and operates in the shadows. It lies in corporate boardrooms, high levels of officialdom, and their intersection and interaction. It is dangerous and profoundly anti-democratic. It brought us the existential crises. We can only fight it if we uncover it, understand it, and come together to dismantle and democratize it.

Understanding Power is a place for those who are concerned about the future of humankind and would like to share thoughts, learn, ask questions, and come together to do something about it.

How frequently will I post?

Since I’m against any constraints and authority in general, time frames also fall in that category. While I’ll put an honest attempt to write regularly, the nexus of me working full time, my engagement with direct-action activist groups, as well as the need to choose worthy issues carefully will direct the tempo. What I dare say is what I expect, and that would be a post every 2 to 4 weeks.

Join the crew

That being so, all content is free with donations accepted via “subscribe now” button (all set at minimum allowed by Substack). Both are important. The former so Understanding Power reaches as many folks as possible, and the latter so I can devote more and more time to these efforts. With that said, if you feel these are worthy efforts, please share, comment, and get engaged!

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About me

Being very concerned about the existential crises of climate change and the nuclear holocaust, a decade ago I got engaged with direct action groups and started voraciously reading on the topic. The newsletter is an effort to share what I discovered and keep discovering, get input from others, and organize to do something about the existential peril we face.

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To hold to account the powerful who screwed up the world, we must understand power